Specializing in heritage, countryside and film, articles have featured in Screen International, The Daily Telegraph, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Life, Surrey Life and Pembrokeshire Life. Including:

Yorgos Lanthimos discusses The Lobster, Screen International

“I had a message from Colin [Farrell] the other day saying the best direction I ever gave him was ‘Colin, I’ve been watching the footage, you’re too fat, stop eating.’ – he liked that.  That’s the secret, finding great people to work with who have a sense of humour.” – Yorgos Lanthimos

Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“‘That’s Jelly Ear’, David Willis points out a slimily unappetising looking fungus. ‘You can pickle it and eat it, but I wouldn’t bother.'”

dsc_9344Practical research while interviewing Bushcraft instructor David Willis.

Corin Hardy on debut feature, The Hallow, Screen International

Practical effects have always been a big love,” said Hardy, who began creating his own practical effects in his bikeshed aged 12 and bonded with fellow British director Edgar Wright over a shared love of Evil Dead II, when they met aged 14 at a Young Person’s Film Competition. Hardy’s entry was his first experiment with genre-blending stop motion – a chainsaw wielding Morph.

Sally Wainwright discussing Gentleman Jack, NFTS News Blog

“You can benefit from having two creatives – a writer’s vision and a director’s skill, but I feel that I have that vision. I get to a point where I feel the script is locked. I want other directors to understand a lot of thought has gone into that and to respect that. I’ve always had that discipline that a script is clear on what’s to be shot and not to tinker with it. Though I do tinker with it now that I direct. But I’m allowed to, because I wrote it!” – Sally Wainwright

Creating VFX for The Jungle Book, Screen International

“One of the most important things I learned was that every scene, every beat, has a story – a beginning, middle and end” – Adam Valdez, Visual Effects Supervisor, The Jungle Book


Friends In Deed, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“The secret of freedom is a brave heart” – the story of a First World War pacifist ambulance unit run by Quakers.

LSF Temp MSS 881 JOR_34
WWI Pacifist Ambulance Unit

This blog post includes photos of relatives of members of the Friends Ambulance Unit, who kindly spoke to me for the article.

The Art of Love in 1930s Whiteleaf, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“The year tastes best to those who do not fear the bite of the wind or the drench of the rain” – Clare Leighton, writer, artist and gardener.

gathering apples
‘Gathering Apples’ by Clare Leighton

Autumn Delights, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“The mellow autumn came, and with it came the promised party.” – Lord Byron, probably one thing you could trust him on was to spot an opportunity for a good time. 

Further blog post about some of the best places to enjoy autumn in Bucks

Halloween at Chiltern Open Air Museum
Halloween at Chiltern Open Air Museum

Simply Bewitching, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“I thought a kid’s book set in Hell was probably an insane idea that no-one would ever want to publish.”  Children’s author Tatum Flynn appearing at Chiltern Open Air Museum’s Halloween event.

The D-Evil Diaries & Hell's Belles by Tatum Flynn, illustrations Dave Shepherd
The D’Evil Diaries & Hell’s Belles by Tatum Flynn, illustrations Dave Shepherd

Wrong Trousers, Right Course, Daily Telegraph

More about Oscar nominated Animation Director Sharon Colman in this blog post.

Sharon Colman working on her Oscar nominated student film 'Badgered'
Sharon Colman working on her Oscar nominated student film ‘Badgered’

Eternal Flame, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“It is certain that there is nothing yet discovered which is a substitute to the English patient for his cup of tea.”– Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale

Which Tree, Witch Tree, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life – Tree fact and folklore.

Harry Potter’s wand seller Mr Ollivander maintains “It’s really the wand that chooses the wizard.”  But it’s not always easy to pop in to Diagon Alley.  So if you’re looking for a spot of magic in the woods, or simply in the market for a new wand, how can you be sure which tree is witch?  I spent a morning in the woods with Bushcraft instructor David Willis to pick up a few tips.”

Christmas Once Upon A Time, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life

“Through the quietly darkening autumn evenings, busy hands are stitching and sticking; fashioning felt into characterful ginger-bread figures. ‘I don’t know if our volunteers will beat the 130 mice they knitted last year.'”

Mayhem & Magic, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life – from Hell-Fire Club to charity snowdrop walks and film location in West Wycombe

Have a Break, Have a Kit-Cat, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life – Eighteenth century drinking society the Kit-Cat Club.

It’s a Cracking School Gromit, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life – Feature about multi Oscar winning animation director Nick Park

Mini-piece on an art installation of Bruce Munro’s work at Waddesdon Manor for Buckinghamshire Life.  Further blog post about art in the landscape – “Sculpture gains by finding a setting that suits its mood and when that happens there is gain for both the sculpture and setting.” – Henry Moore

Beacon by Bruce Munro at Waddesdon Manor
Beacon by Bruce Munro

Survivng The Iron Age, Pembrokeshire Life

“So, you’ve seen the docu-drama, possibly even bought the t-shirt, but what might life in the Iron Age really have been like?”

Iron Age Village
Recreated Iron Age roundhouse at Castell Henllys

Romancing the Stones, Pembrokeshire Life – celebrating standing stones in West Wales

“An entrance fee allows you to admire Stonehenge from beyond a fence. At its closest fifteen feet from the stones. Afterwards you can snack on a ‘megalithic scone’ as the A303 roars past and another coach load of visitors arrives. In Pembrokeshire stones stand alone, unassailed by gift shops, quietly keeping a sense of ancient mystery and eerie beuaty.”

Here We Come a Wassailing, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire Life – exploring the old Christmas custom of Mummers.

Long Crendon Mummers