Hetty Feather & Sapphire Battersea Booktrailers

Looking forward to seeing the BBC’s adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather, having produced a booktrailer of the book & its sequel Sapphire Battersea a couple of years ago for publisher Random House.

The Books:

Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson

Hetty Feather “London, 1876. Hetty Feather is just a tiny baby when her mother leaves her at the Foundling Hospital. An utterly original historical novel. Featuring a brand-new feisty Victorian heroine, Hetty Feather, this is a compelling, moving, funny and totally fascinating tale that will thrill and captivate readers.”

Sapphire Battersea by Jacqueline Wilson

Sapphire Battersea       “Hetty Feather is a Foundling Hospital girl and was given her name when she was left there as a baby. When she is reunited with her mother, she hopes her beautiful new name, Sapphire Battersea, will also mean a new life! But things don’t always go as planned…”

Making The Booktrailers:

It was fantastic to have the chance to try to convey the delights of a whole novel in just 90 seconds.  Especially helping create a Victorian circus, make snow in July, use stunt riders, period costumes and elephants.  And I got to wear a bustle as an extra in a seance.  Thanks to an incredibly hard working and talented crew.  And special thanks to my niece for an excellent performance as ‘the baby’.

Here’re a few photos from behind the scenes of the production:

stunt rider in smoke

The stunt rider:

The finished Booktrailers:

Hetty Feather

Sapphire Battersea


Director of Photography – Sara Deane

1st Ad – Mel Melcer

Editor – Marianne Kuopanporti

Composer – Stuart Earl

Sound Deisgner – Mauricio D’Orey

Digital Effects & DIT – Andrew Scattergood

Art Dept – Isona Rigau & Alex Toomey

SFX – Nicholas Thompson & James Miller

Sound recordist – Axel Cheng

Production Assistants – Sarah Lawson, Kristi Rimm

Gaffer – Sam Heasman

Focus puller – Adam Conlon

Hair & Make up – Anna Wild & Brendan O’Sullivan

Hetty Feather/Sapphire Battersea – Tania Shew

Co-producer – Emily Thompson

Producer – Venetia Hawkes

Director – Anna Lavelle