NFTS student and graduate ‘Bridge to Industry’ films I’ve helped select, develop and oversee include:

Gimcrack, written & directed by Rona Bradley, crowd-funded ‘Bridge to Industry’ short.

The Bind, written & directed by BAFTA winner Caroline Bartleet, starring Lorraine Ashbourne, Andrew Knott, David Schofield and Jamie Parker.  Made with BBC Films.

On set with crew of The Bind – Designer Violet Elliot, DoP Vanessa Whyte, producer Helene Sifre, writer-director Caroline Bartleet, producer Marie-Elena Dyche

The Passenger, directed & co-written by Roland Kennedy, written by Eoin Doran, starring Conrad Khan. Made with BBC Films.

The Passenger
Conrad Khan as Gus, cinematography by Dan Atherton

Good Thanks, You?, written & directed by Molly Manning-Walker, starring Jasmine Jobson and Micheal Ward. Initial support, script & story development as crowd-funded ‘Bridge to Industry’ short, going on to be further funded and produced externally to NFTS.

The Facility , starring Aneurin Barnard, written and directed by Ian Clark. Made with Vertigo Films.

“Highly effective, tense British Sci Fi-Horror and a perfect late night movie” – Forbidden Planet

Semangat Development Producer for Docu-drama exploring the mystical beliefs of the Iban tribe in the jungles of Borneo. Co writer-directors Adam Gutch and Chu-Li Shewring.

Projects in development:

Dragged Up, written & directed by Laura Tunbridge, crowd-funded ‘Bridge to Industry’ short. In post-production.

Beyonce, Almighty, directed by Alexandra Brodski, being made with Film4.

Birthday Boy, directed & co-written by Leo LeBeau, crowd-funded ‘Bridge to Industry’ short. In post-production

Skin, directed by Mdhamiri A Nkemi, being made with BBC Films.

Skin Writer-Director Mdhamiri A Nkemi & Producer Sabina Smitham

Shé/Snake, directed by Renee Zhan, being made with BBC Films.