Bleak house guest
Monica Dolan, Ian Hart and Stephan Mangan in BLEAK HOUSE GUEST

Production Executive for NFTS on Bridge to Industry with Sky Arts – Bleak House Guest

Bleak House Guest was made by a team of NFTS graduates including writer Jess Jackson, Producers Rob Darnell, Laura Jackson & James Walker, working with Production Company Slam Films and director Robert Delamere.  It tells the true(ish) story of Hans Christian Andersen turning up unexpectedly on Charles and Catherine Dickens’ doorstep, and proving to be a rather unshakeable house guest.

It stars Ian Hart as Hans Christian Anderson, Stephan Mangan as Charles Dickens and Monica Dolan as his long suffering wife Catherine Dickens.  It aired on Sky Arts in Spring 2019 as part of the Urban Myths series.

For Right Angle

Working in development, research and production of animated adaptations of classic stories at production company Right Angle, making series for HBO, BBC, Channel 4 and S4C.


Animated Epics

The Canterbury Tales

Oscar nominated,  Best Short Animation.  BAFTA winner, Best Short Animation. Welsh BAFTA winner Best Animation.  Winner of 4 International Emmys

“A masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling” – Variety

”A triumphant animated version.  The pilgrims were particularly good, matched perfectly with a remarkable cast with, among others, Billie Whitelaw, Sean Bean, Robert Lindsey and Bob Peck as a nicely confiding Chaucer.  But the tales themselves were also great, and Jonathan Myerson’s free translation was zesty and appropriate.  I sense an instant Christmas classic” – The Daily Telegraph

“Stunning and the stories come across vividly in all their bawdiness and humour. A brilliant animated version.” – The Daily Mail

“Refreshing and intelligent”  – The Sunday Times

Episode 1 of The Canterbury Tales, featuring The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, The Knight’s Tale and The Wife of Bath’s Tale:

With a screenplay by Jonathan Myerson the individual tales and the pilgrims were animated by different directors from Russia and the UK using a mix of 2-d and stop motion animation.  The voice cast included Sean Bean as the Nun’s Priest and Bill Nighy as the Merchant.


Adapted from the 8th century Anglo-Saxon poem by Murray Watts and directed in Russia by Yuri Kulakov.  With Derek Jacobi, Michael Sheen and Joseph Fiennes among the voice cast, music by Archeolgia Musica played on recreations of Anglo-Saxon instruments.

“A delightful animated adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon poem, with great music.  This reworking of the dark 8th century tale has stunning sound effects and a splendidly menacing monster that almost floats through the screen.”  – The Daily Telegraph

Moby Dick

“Thrilling paint-on-glass animation” – The Observer




Moby Dick was directed by Natasha Orlova for Man & Time studio in Russia using a painstakingly beautiful oil-on-glass technique.

Animated Tales of the World

A 26 country co-production, with writers and animators from different countries working together to create animated versions of classic children’s stories from around the world.

Aunt Tiger, which I travelled to Taiwan for as part of helping with its development, won a Children’s BAFTA for Best Animation.  It was directed by Mike Mort, the Tiger was voiced by Bill Nighy.

credits053Speaking at a press conference in Taiwan for BAFTA winning Aunt Tiger

The Green Man of Knowledge, directed by Rachel Bevan Baker at Red Kite, which was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent award, can be watched here

The Green Man of Knowledge, Animated Tales of the World
The Green Man of Knowledge, Animated Tales of the World

Animated World Faiths

A 10 part series for children, telling the stories of faiths from around the world.




Sufi tale, The Conference of the Birds, was nominated for a British Animation Award for Best International Co-production


9 part series of animated Bible stories, including the Emmy winning and BAFTA nominated Moses.