Some of the special events arranged and produced for the NFTS include a Fantasy & Sci-Fi Day featuring Game of Thrones production designer Gemma Jackson, Monsters producer and co-founder of Vertigo Films Allan Niblo and Torchwood, Primeval and Doctor Who writer James Moran:

James Moran
Screenwriter James Moran

a Horror Day, including Kill List and A Field in England writer-director Ben Wheatley and The Hallow and The Nun director Corin Hardy. Some of their advice on making Horror below and more collated in this blog post

“The first thing I do is figure out who the bad guy is – what’s their plan? Is it believable? I spend more time on the villain’s plan than the hero’s sometimes. It’s not enough for villains to turn up and be bad. So I figure out who the bad guy is, what their plan is – it can be a stupid plan, but it’s consistent all the way through”Severance screenwriter, James Moran

“Done with the right balance, depending on what kind the movie is, you can build up more tension with what you don’t show. It’s important to look really closely at the story in terms of the trajectory of the reveal of the creature – what you do or don’t see.”The Hallow writer-director, Corin Hardy

and a series of annual Music Video Days and Commercials Days for students held at Channel 4.

Corin Hardy
Hosting 2018 Music Video Day & interviewing Director Corin Hardy
Kim Gehrig 2
Director Kim Gehrig at Commercials Day