Forthcoming book – ‘We Have Some Notes…’

Absolutely thrilled to announce that BFI in partnership with Bloomsbury will be publishing my first book!

In ‘We Have Some Notes…’ award-winning writers & directors discuss how to make notes, script editing & development a successful creative process. Sharing behind the scenes stories & advice on what is, and what isn’t, useful.

Russell T Davies

It’s been a delight chatting to the utterly lovely & absurdly talented people who have so kindly let me interview them for the book already, including – Russell T Davies, Simon Beaufoy, Sally Wainwright, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Ben Wheatley, Corin Hardy, Michael Pearce, Lone Scherfig, Tomm Moore, Alice Lowe & Amma Asante – all a complete joy to chat to.

Hoping (when it comes out, which will be a little while yet, as it’s still being written!) people find it as enjoyable and interesting to read as I have to write, and that it helps contribute to more enriching and creative notes relationships.

Huge thanks to everyone who has been supportive & encouraging of the idea