Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

“The film’s set in the 1930s.  It’s a barn dance scene.  You’d get to wear a vintage dress and they’d do your hair.”

or, how I ended up spending a day in a tithe barn in Wiltshire.

I’d never been an extra in a film before, aside from sitting around in a bustle at a Victorian seance for one of the Booktrailers I produced, but had a great time being one of the extras for Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012, dir. Donald Rice), even if I’ve only just been brave enough to watch the resulting film.

Turned out, there weren’t actually any fancy vintage dresses in my size, so had fun instead being dressed up in yellow gingham & an apron & felt very much at home being a bar-maid at a 1930s country barn dance….

Cheerful 3

My job entailed the excellent direction: “I need you to take your jugs, walk over there & chat to those men”.  Happily I managed not to fall over.

Here’re some stills from my fleeting appearance, as it could be easily missed through inadvertently blinking….  (& also of the bunting I helped make, which features rather more.)

The film’s an adaptation of a novel by Julia Strachey.

CWFTW bookIt stars Elizabeth McGovern, Steven Mackintosh, Felicity Jones, Juno Temple and Luke Treadaway.

Here’s the trailer: