Script Development Diploma

Thoroughly enjoyed the Script Development Diploma course I’ve recently graduated from after 18 months study, and was delighted to be awarded a distinction.  It was an added pleasure to have the certificate presented by Ken Loach.

Ken Loach awarding Script Development diploma
Ken Loach awarding Script Development diploma

The course, from the National Film and Television School, is part-time, so it was perfect to be able to do it alongside work, with classes in the swish surroundings of The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

It’s taught by the most excellent Ludo Smolski and Angeli Macfarlane, both amazingly knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, generous and funny, who it was an absolute privilege to learn from.

Although I’d worked in script editing and development for some time and undertaken a few short courses in script editing and story structure, it was fantastic, fascinating and incredibly useful to study it in depth for the Diploma – I loved every minute of the course.

After a year of classes and assignments we were each paired with a writer to work with on developing their script for the next 6 months.  I was lucky enough to be paired with the lovely and talented writer-director James Sharpe.  It was an absolute joy working with him on developing feature film Fibs – “an imaginative tale of identity, memory and guilt. A unique British coming of age drama with a mystery at its heart.”

James has already made a short film version of Fibs:

I’m really pleased James wants to continue working with me as he develops the feature-length version of Fibs, which he’s just taken to Cannes.

So  – terrific course, wonderful people, fantastic script to work on – what more could you ask?

Here’re a couple photos more from graduation, which took place at BFI Southbank:

Mainly relieved about not tripping over in front of Ken Loach
Mainly relieved about not tripping over in front of Ken Loach
Graduating Script Development class with Ludo, without his moustache
Graduating Script Development class with Ludo Smolski