Script Consulting

I constructively support writers and directors to achieve their vision. Analysing scripts and treatments at all stages of development and covering feature, short film and novel, across a range of genres, to assess and provide advice via meetings and written notes to writers and directors on how they might develop their projects to best realise the stories they want to tell. Digging in to discover what it is they want to tell with their work and helping enable them find the most effective way to express it.

Some kind words from a few of the filmmakers it has been my pleasure to work with:

“It was fantastic working with Venetia through multiple scripts. She’s got a very keen and detailed eye, as well a strong ability to understand the intention of the writer – hence finding the best and most succinct way of expressing that intention. I consulted with Venetia on short form and commercial content, and both works are much stronger because of it. I highly recommend her, and look forward to working together again.”

Nick Cinelli, animation writer & director

“Being script edited by Venetia was a dream. Her notes are insightful, meticulous and always seeking to push you and your writing to be the best it can possibly be. Throughout the process of working with Venetia, I knew my film was in safe hands and that her development notes were always tailored to helping me achieve my goals as a filmmaker. I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Laura Jayne Tunbridge, writer & director

“Venetia is a wonder – her notes got right to the heart of the script and its issues. They were detailled, honest, but always positive and solution focussed. She got to the heart of the characters and their motivation, clearly pointing out where that motivation can be made clearer and more direct. The same with story – she had a great focus on plot and how events came to their conclusion, and how it worked. Her notes on where to take things next, and what needed focussing on were extremely useful, and very focussed without telling me how to write , or what ‘should’ be happening. Very much recommended!”

Richard Higson, writer & director

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Venetia previously as a script editor and more recently as development editor on my novel. Working with Venetia was a fantastic and rewarding experience. Her understanding of story, characters and audiences is second to none. Working closely with her on my script was incredibly valuable and she really helped elevate the story and my writing to a much greater place. Venetia’s approach is unique and detailed. She has the ability to give me perspective on my stories as well as getting right into the details of structure, character intricacies, as well as the emotion of the piece – she has the unique ability to expose what the audience and the characters are feeling, moment to moment throughout your story. My own work has vastly improved because of Venetia and I cannot recommend her enough for TV, Film, and prose (fiction and non-fiction).”

James Sharpe, writer & director

“Venetia script edited a screenplay that I was commissioned to write called Sakerama.  She has a natural ability to get to the heart of a story and the characters and ask questions that take the script to the next level. From the notes that she provided and the discussions that we had it was obvious that she had been around writers and filmmakers for a long time. In short, she speaks the language of writers, that we understand and can respond to. It was a pleasure to work with her and look forward to working with her again.”

Maurice Caldera, screenwriter

“Venetia was generous, insightful and provocative in her acute recognition of the problems and generating ideas on where the script could go in further drafts.  It was a detailed and thorough reading of the story and there was no stone unturned.  It was just what was needed to commence on another draft. I found new energy from the rigorous critique. I recommend her highly.”

Roland Kennedy, writer & director

“Venetia provided us with incredibly constructive feedback that allowed us to push the story in the right direction. Her attention to detail and outside the box thinking really influenced our later drafts. The script is now where it needs to be and we can’t thank Venetia enough for all her help getting it there!”

Liam Harris , writer & animation director

“Venetia worked as a script editor for a feature film my company was developing. She worked directly with myself and the writer/director. Her approach to the job was second to none; providing personable, creative and thoughtful notes on the script and it’s subsequent development. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a script editor”

James Boyle, Producer & Founder, Park Road Pictures